Il Gintonego di Riccardo Gaddi: Trionfo alla Spirit Selection 2023

Riccardo Gaddi's Gintonego: Triumph at the Spirit Selection 2023

We are pleased to announce that Gintonego , created by master distiller Riccardo Gaddi , has obtained the Silver Medal at the Spirit Selection 2023 . This event, hosted for the first time in Italy, took place in Treviso, Veneto , from 28 September to 1 October 2023 .

The Gintonego , with its distinct combination of carefully selected ingredients and Gaddi's craftsmanship, made its way among high-level competition, earning the Silver Medal . This recognition celebrates the excellence of this unique creation and Gaddi's innovation.

This success confirms Riccardo Gaddi 's talent and commitment to creating high quality spirits that delight palates around the world. With Gintonego , Gaddi has been able to expertly combine tradition and innovation, offering a product that embodies Italian authenticity and artisanal excellence.

I extend my most sincere congratulations to Riccardo Gaddi for this prestigious achievement and wish Gintonego a bright future, continuing to delight spirits lovers with its exceptional quality and distinctive character. Continue to follow our updates for further news on the world of spirits and the latest successes of Riccardo Gaddi and Gintonego .

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