Il Gintonego, Un Tesoro Tra Terra e Mare

Gintonego, a treasure between land and sea

Grado , an enchanting lagoon city, offers unique experiences that blend natural beauty with culinary richness. Boat trips between traditional huts lead to the discovery of breathtaking landscapes, while local products such as anchovies , glasswort and onions reveal the authentic flavors of the region.

However, the real jewel of Grado is Gintonego , an extraordinary gin that contains the soul of the city. Prepared with santonego , an herb also known as "sea wormwood", Gintonego offers a unique sensory experience, combining the fresh aromas of the land and sea in perfect balance.

Savoring Gintonego means immersing yourself in the flavors and traditions of Grado, an unforgettable experience that will take you on a journey through the history and culture of this fascinating lagoon city.


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