I nostri Ingredienti

I nostri Ingredienti

  • Juniper

    Balsamic, slightly herbaceous component.

  • Coriander

    Coriander seeds are used to round and soften gins.

  • Angelica

    Angelica roots are used to stabilize the aromatic component of gin.

  • Sea wormwood

    Its tops are used which give Gintonego, in addition to a light balsamic note, a pleasant salty note.

  • Sea wormwood tincture

    Unlike the one above, in this case the tops of the absinthe are used in cold infusion to give the final gin that slightly bitter touch which makes the drink drier.

Genesis of Gintonego: From Dream to Realization

Gintonego took shape as an idea in 2013, within the walls of the cellar of Trattoria De Toni in Grado, an enchanting island located in the southernmost part of Friuli Venezia Giulia. After years of culinary experiments and the search for the perfect ingredients, in January 2022, Gintonego transforms from a simple dream into a tangible reality. June 24 of the same year marks the official birth of the project.

Unique Gintonego Bottles: A Praise to Quality and Sustainability

Gintonego bottles are one of a kind, the result of meticulous attention to every detail. They host exclusively ingredients coming from the territory, supplied by selected suppliers and nurseries who are committed to responsible production, preserving the biodiversity of the regional environment. The choice of bottle is equally thoughtful: made with a special Wild Glass glass that incorporates up to 100% recycled glass in the production process.

Grado's Pride: Gintonego and Its Identity on the Label"

The label represents the final touch, proudly underlining the origins of Gintonego and the deep connection with the territory of Grado, the island of the sun.