Gintonego di Grado: l'esplosione creativa del gusto estivo

Gintonego di Grado: the creative explosion of summer taste

New and innovative : Gintonego di Grado arrives just in time for the summer season.

Riccardo Gaddi , the young chef of the renowned Trattoria De Toni , has finally realized a dream he has been cultivating for some time. After an intense phase of experimentation and study, he collaborated with the Distilleria Liquorificio Italia of Trieste to create his own personal creation: he combines his gin with Santonego . The latter grows in the waters of the Grado lagoon and is the sea wormwood, Artemisia coerulescens , which gives the drink a distinctive local character. The effort is also evident in the appearance of the packaging: the pattern on the wavy label was designed by Nico Gaddi , an artist from Grado who was also a relative.

Gintonego is particularly suitable for use in mixing .

The delicate marine colors , which at the same time recall the famous Grado sunset. The time has come to discover Gintonego... It stands out best when used in cocktails. Perfect for a Caipirinha , a Negroni or with the East Imperial Tonic Water , as Riccardo suggests.


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